Color script and color supervisor (preproduction) for the animated feature " Laura's Star 2" a Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film/ Warner Bros production (Berlin)


Color Stylist (Lead) and Coloscript at Vanguard Animation (Vancouver) on the feature "Space Chimps".


Additional Art Director for a 3D Feature Film called "Secret Realm", a Secret Realm Production (Belgium/USA)

Colorscript for the feature film "Dodo"(Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film/Warner Bros)


Art Director for a pilot film called "Sambora" produced by the studio Walking The Dog who has also co-produced the oscar nominated animated feature "Belleville Rendez-vous" (2003)

Color inspirations for the new feature of Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film: "Dodo"

Starts on personal projects as "The Manyfolds", "Los Ninos","Uma"

Scenery for the exibition "Two weeks of Comics Strip in Brussels", City of Brussels/Ziggourat Event


Colorinspirations and colorkeys for the feature The Little Polarbear 2, a Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film/ Warner Bros co-production, in Berlin, Germany)


Colorinspirations for Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film: feature film DODO


Scenery for the Comics Exhibition "Bandes de Kids", the comicstrips for children designed by Belgian artists. (Location of the event: Brussels,Louisiane,London,... ) Ziggourat Event


Background paintings for the TV-series: "The Alpha Jets" (episode "The Barnyard") produced by Disney Asia Pacific and realised by Studio-Media (Hong-Kong)


Teatching a the Highschool of Art Saint-Luc (Brussels)


Set designer, layout and clean up in Antwerp (Belgium) at the Graphics and Animation studio, (now renamed DFJ studio), for several TV- series. (Titeuf, Winnetoon, la famille Passiflore)


Illustrator and animator at the Speculoos studio on the first european animated internet clip for the song "Si tu disais"of Françoiz Breut - VIRGIN France


Character design, backgrounds and synopsis for Fenix Animation (France) on a project for TV called "The Froggies".

1998 - 2000

Colorization of comic books for LE LOMBARD editions (Odilon Verjus) and wrote scenarios for children puppets theatre, and child books.

1999 - 2000

Illustrations, characters and backgrounds designs, and entire color keys for the feature film "The little polar bear" (a Rothkirch/Cartoon-film/Warner-Bros coproduction, in Berlin)


Several storyboards for commercials shots and short films.

Assistant on several scenery, TV sets.


I obtained the certificate of artistic techniques and illustration (Institute of St Luc, Brussels)